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Pupil premium

Pupil Premium 2015-6

During the 2015-2016 financial year, our school received £4540 of targeted pupil premium.  This was made in respect of 2 ever6 amounts of £1320 and one post looked after child of £1900.

 Pupil premium is additional funding to main school funding.  The government believes that this extra funding is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals, children who have been looked after for more than 6 months, children who are adopted and children of service personnel.  The idea behind this payment is to give extra funding to support the pupils who need it most.

 At Bugthorpe C.E. Primary School, Pupil Premium has been spent on the following resources:

Details Cost Impact
Teaching Assistant working 8 hours per week provide additional  SEN support £2736 SEN children make improved progressIncreased confidence (discussion).  Increased attainment in English and mathematic (assessment data)
Additional hours for Environmental Tutor to increase the outdoor learning time £1216 Improved behaviour.Enhanced profile of school within LA and community.Achieving awards such as RHS and prizes from produce shows.
Subsidising School Visits including residential £500 Increase in self confidence.Greater independence
SENCo Hours non contact timeIndividualising support at all levels. £1798 SEN children make improved progress
SEN Consultancy Fees £2755 Advises and monitors provision (quality assurance) provides training and resources (CPD)
Total PPG Received £4540
Total PPG Expenditure £9005
PPG remaining (overspend) -£4465

 Impact of pupil premium spending 2015-6

The school’s evaluation of its own performance is rigorous.  Tracking of progress over time for each pupil is thorough, and so we can quickly identify any dips and develop sensible strategies and interventions to promote improvement.

  • A wide range of data is used – achievement data, pupils’ work, observations, learning walks, case studies, book trawls and staff, parent and pupil voice.
  • Assessment Data is collected half termly so that the impact of interventions can be monitored regularly.
  • Assessments are closely moderated to ensure they are accurate
  • Regular feedback about performance is given to children and parents
  • Interventions are adapted or changed if they are not working
  • A designated member of the SLT maintains an overview of pupil premium spending
  • A governor is given responsibility for pupil premium

We will use Raise Online, KS2 and KS1, Phonics, EYFS SMIFs (Local education authority data summary) as well as whole school data (using Target Tracker) to evaluate impact in terms of attainment and progress.